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Please Provide Us With Team Information I.e. ( Twitter Usernames, How Many Players, Player Names, Etc. )
Let Us Know Where You Currently Stand Within Your Scene, For Example How Many Pro Points You Have, Current Standing, and All Recent Placings Provide Links If Possible!

Why Should You Join Guidance?

Guidance, is a freshly new organization, that takes pride in what we do and can provide our teams, and players.  Our goal is to assist our players not only in game, by providing them with the next level gear, but also getting them branded into the scene as a professional asset.  We want to work with our players, building them marketing plans, strategies, and tools that will assist them in growing fan bases, and exposure across the world.  Additionally, we do offer incentives, salary, and much more than the typical organization can, we look forward to hearing from you and your team, and working with you on our path to greatness, guiding the way.