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Guidance will be actively engaged in the community seeking to acquire recruiting managers for our community teams. Our recruitment members will be in charge of our community players, meaning they will seek and bring on players in the respect titles to play under the Guidance name and represent us in a way that shows what we are truly about.

You may ask yourself why would I join Guidance as just a player and not join as a competitive player for pro league tournaments, or events. This is a great question a question we have been asked a lot lately. Here is the flip-side to that, we take pride in what we do and what we are about here at Guidance. Our community members will be eligible for a ton of benefits such as entry into exclusive monthly giveaways that are held within the organization, member of the month promotions in which the member gets a highlight spot on our website and full news article posted about them who they are. We also will be giving every member that joins Guidance a wristband, ID tag, and some other fun goodies that only Guidance Community members get. Additionally our management teams including the Recruiters will have opportunities to get salary based off evaluations and performance. We want to be able to have a steady management roster that is consistent, accurate, and understanding of changes and growth of the eSport community.

Like I have said before Guidance is proud of what we do, and where we come from and we take pride in treating our community the way they deserve. We want to take eSports in whole to a different level and set the standard within the industry. If you have any further questions about our community, and why you should join please feel free to reach out to me personally on my twitter or email.

If you are looking to join Guidance as a recruiter Click Here
If you are looking to join Guidance as a community member Click Here

Cameron Swink
Chief Executive Officer