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Today we are proud to finally get to announce two of the many rosters we plan on to release. The first roster is a team for the 2018/2019 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Season. This team has been together for a few months now, and has been making plays in the online scene preparing for the upcoming season. We are more than happy to have them in Guidance, and hope we together can achieve something great.

 Call of Duty


Lastly we also have acquired a Counter Strike Global Offensive Roster for the current ESEA OPEN Season. The team has probably the most chemistry we have seen come from the open play. They have been playing together non stop the past few weeks, preparing and grinding to get better. They have big goals, and hopes ahead of them and will do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

 CSGO Academy

  • Jake “Silvio” Silvio
  • Mayson “Modest” Lyndes
  • David “ESF” Smallwood
  • Marissa “Madss” Dasta
  • Justin “Outcrane” Trammell