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With the launch of Guidance GG, we are recruiting and hiring positions in every aspect.  Guidance is seeking individuals that are highly active, ready to work, and plan to be apart of something new, that will revolutionize the industry as a whole.

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager oversee’s Guidance’s marketing campaigns both internally and externally.  The Manager plays a key part in communicating Guidance’s overall marketing message.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Prepare, plan and project managing the publications of all publicity material to maximize brand promotion.
  • Create marketing campaigns and work with Guidance’s PR to see them executed.
  • Create and develop new innovative ways to communicate the company message to existing fan base.
  • Contribute to the annual sales and marketing plan.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing activity.
  • Develop and implement an internal marketing program
  • Plan develop and deliver campaigns as agreed within timescales.

Website Manager

Website Manager is in charge of publishing content, maintaining continuity of themes, designing layout, streamlining navigation and increasing online presence to potential customers. They must have knowledge of search engine analytics to maximize traffic to websites.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Plan and architect website development and maintenance
  • Analyze and use search engine optimization to maximize traffic to website

Recruiting Manager

Recruiting Manager oversees Guidance’s potential new community members and their acceptance in to Guidance.  The Recruiting Manager plays a key part in building Guidance’s overall community.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Update current and design new recruiting procedures
  • Supervise the recruiting team and report on its performance

Content Manager

Content Manager manage both internal and external resources for content creation. This role ensures that all content (both visual and written) that we put in front of our audience is ideal for Guidance’s brand and translates to increased user engagement.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Review and edit written and visual content across brands.
  • Set goals and use analytics to identify the appropriate success metrics.
  • Research, develop and implement strategies to drive more engagement on
  • Curate images, videos, etc. for Guidance and it’s content creators use

News Manager

The News Manager leads and manages the planning, production and presentation of news in cooperation with Guidance’s leadership and staff to support the organization’s mission .

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Insure news reports are produced in an effective, timely and responsible manner.
  • Contributes content on a regular basis to keep members and public aware of Guidance’s news
  • Overview all news to make sure appropriate and adheres to Guidance’s mission statement.

Events Manager

The Event Manager is in charge of planning, organizing, and executing all types and sizes of events internally and externally.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Plan event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives.
  • Work as a team with Social Media Manager and Marketing Manager to develop and execute promotional activities for the event.
  • Ensure event is completed smoothly and step up to resolve any problems that might occur.

Social Media Manager

Oversee all social media communities and campaigns with responsibilities which include but not limited to research, campaign and content creation, execution, monitoring, and reporting.

Duties Include But Not Limited To:

  • Develop and implement Guidance’s social media strategy
  • Post to and monitor a range of social media accounts (simultaneously)
  • Help grow social media reach, engagement, and referral traffic through partners
  • Spot social media trends, including new platforms and changes to existing ones
  • Brainstorm and generate search-friendly headlines and social-friendly copy
  • Writing content that is suitable for various social media platforms
  • Monitor benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media campaigns