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Chuck "ChuckNasty" Hampson

Age 27 - 8/30/1991

Born in Calgary AB, CA. Currently living in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Ex-MLG Exhibition Halo 2 player 2004.

Hobbies: Fantasy Football Analytics, Texas hold'em Poker tournaments, Craft beer.

Ricky "Rickeh" Cuthbert

Age 18 - 1/12/2001

Born in St.Catharines, ON, CA. Currently living in St.Catharines, Ontario.
Hobbies: Avid Football Player, Fantasy Football Addict, Gaming Freak and Loves Tory Lanez.

Jordan "IAmOutplayedå½±" Hembree

Age: 29

Location: Vermilion, OH

Birthplace: Oberlin, OH

Hobbies: Video Games (it's all I do besides spend time with family and work)

Esports History: Was on STDx (set to destroy x) console Fortnite team prior to joining Guidance Gaming.

Jordan "iAmShadow" Harmon

Age 21- 5/12/97

21 Years old, father of 3, full time comp player, streamer, gaming enthusiast

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Video Editing, Comp Fortnite

Past Gaming History: Ex Destiny Trials Sherpa, currently holding #1, #4, and #7 on the destiny leaderboards for Oklahoma. (5+ months since leaving)