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Giovanni “Stuntron” Gutierrez

Main AR for Guidance Gaming.

Age 24 - 07/04/1994

Born in Miami, FL. Currently living in Miami, FL.

Isaiah “Zay” Miller

Age 21 - 9/14/1997

Born in Logan, WV. Currently living in Columbus, OH

Call of Duty Competitor for 3 years

Hobbies: Paintball, Stock Market, and Basketball

Rodrigo “ReeKuu” Giron

Age 23 - 04/17/1995

Born in Queens, New York Currently living in Miami, FL.

DeAndre "Bink" Garcia

Age 18 - 08/21/00

Born in Brownsville, TX. Currently living in Denton, Texas

Amateur Call of Duty Player

Competing in Call of Duty while pursing a degree at the University of North Texas